Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polished Review and Swatches

Highlighters come in all shapes and sizes, you have your pressed highlighters, powders, liquids and creams. So how does this offering from Topshop par up?

A picture showing the topshop highlighter in packgaing

This is a cream highlighter that comes in a very cute, glass jar. It is very sturdry and has a screw lid (which is perfect for the more clumsy of us). As it is a cream highlighter you can put it directly on top of your foundation/skin and powder later if you wish to do so. It would also go great with cream contouring products as they would blend together seamlessly.

A picture showing the consistency of Topshop Highlighter
Onto the actual product itself, it is more of a champagne colour, which is described as being white. It is absolutely lovely to apply on the skin, its got a very mousse like texture and is so light you can't even feel it. It does look shimmery, but in a very subtle way (by that I mean that you don't even up looking like a disco when you've applied too much, as is the case with some highlighters that are more glittery such as high beam).

A picture showing swatches of the topshop highlighter
It is a very pigmented product and a little bit certainly goes a long way. I love using it on the cheekbones to create a dewy look, and this could be a great alternative for people with dry skin who find that powder products make them look a bit cakey. It does last for quite a few hours, but might need to be topped up if you have a long day.

You can get it here for £9. I do find it'a a bit expensive, but if you're looking for an investment that will last then it might be for you.

Have you tried any Topshop Highlighters? If not, then what are your HG highlighters?

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Liebster Award and My Nominations

What is the Liebster Award?
It is an award that is given to a blogger by other bloggers, it is a chain and it is up to you to continue the chain by nominating other bloggers yourself. You cannot however nominate the person who nominated you.

Who can receive this?
Well over time this has been changed, and you now have to forward it on to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

What does it involve?
·         You first list 11 random facts about yourself
·         Then you answer the 11 questions set to you by the person who nominated you
·         You then nominate 11 blogs and set the questions you would like to ask them

I was very kindly nominated to receive this award by SashaHopeKarin J RJordanne of JordsFaith, Clare of Sparkle Blossom Beauty and Katherine of Crimson Beauty. 

11 Random Facts About Me
1.       I started blogging last week and was quite nervous to start, (I still am really).
2.       I’ve made blogging friends on twitter and it makes me feel happy knowing that they are there, and they’re very supportive.
3.       I love Harry Potter, as does pretty much everyone!
4.       I love reading as many books as I possibly can.
5.       My first lipstick was a bright red which I thought looked so cool.
6.       I collect way too much nail varnish.
7.       I spent my childhood watching Tracy Beaker.
8.       I’ve looked literally everywhere for a chubby stick in Glamour and I am quite disappointed!
9.       Since last year I started watching Sherlock and I’m really into it.
10.   I like learning about the work of the big make up artists (like those who do magazine covers).
11.   I try to be organised, but I’m just a messy person.

I received two nominations to I’m going to answer both Sasha’s and Karin’s questions.

Sasha’s Questions for Me
1.       Do you speak another language? If not, would you like to?
Yes I do and I think it’s a good skill to have.
2.       If I gave you £100 to give to charity, which charity would you donate to and why?
Save the children because every single child deserves a chance.
3.       Favourite type of foreign food?
Italian Pizza
4.       Chicken or beef? (Or vegetarian?)                            
5.       You can only ever buy high end OR drugstore make up from now on. You earn the same amount of money. Which do you choose?
Drugstore as you can get a lot of similar products for a lot cheaper
6.       Evening make up in the daytime or daytime make up in the evening?
Daytime makeup in the evening as its better to be understated than over the top.
7.       You can buy EITHER make up OR clothes for the rest of your life. You are allowed to keep your current collection of both. Your current make up and clothes are magical and they last forever. Which do you choose?
Clothes as trends change, whereas with the same makeup products you can create different looks
8.       If you could change one thing about the way you look, what would it be?
My height
9.       What is your blogging aim? E.g. Get 2000 bloglovin followers, you can write your aim for this week/month or your ultimate aim.
To just get my blog out there and make it the best I can
10.   Do you prefer having one best friend or a group of friends?
One best friend who you can really talk to
11.   Would you rather wear the same colour lipstick or the same colour nail polish forever?          
Same lipstick as you can have a signature lipstick colour that really suits you

Karin’s Questions for Me

1. Why did you start blogging?
I was looking for something to do that would allow me to pursue something I loved, which is beauty 
2. How long have you been blogging for?
About 2 weeks 
3. What's your favourite thing to blog about?
Makeup reviews mainly 
4. Do you play any musical instruments?
Not yet 
5. What is your must-have beauty product?
Concealor as I think it makes a big difference to me 
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
Eating too much chocolate 
7. What is your dream?
To be successful at life, and help other people 
8. What is your favourite book/film?
Any book by Khaled Hosseini 
9. What charity would you give money to, if I told you that you could only ever give money to one charity?
Save the children 
10. What do you do when you're bored?
Go on my computer and procrastinate (I’m really bad at this) 
11. What are your plans for the future
Finish studying and see where it takes me

Jordanne’s Questions for Me
1.       What are your current favourite songs?
Anything by One Republic
2.       What made you decide to start a blog
I talk about beauty products like all the time, and I felt like I needed a creative outlet
3.       What is your favourite film?
I don’t really have a favourite, possibly The Proposal
4.       What is your favourite sport?
I’m not into sports at all so I don’t really have a favourite
5.       What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Watching tv/youtube, or reading
6.       What is/was your favourite subject when in school?
7.       What team are you vans or converse?
8.       Who is your inspiration/role model?
My family
9.       What phone do you have?
A rubbish one
10.   What is your favourite animal?
11.   What is your favourite shop?


Clare’s Questions for Me
1.       What is your favourite season?
2.       Name one thing on your bucket list?
To read a lot
3.       What is your favourite book?
Anything by Khaled Hosseini
4.       Cats or Dogs?
5.       What is your favourite part of being a blogger?
Sharing my ideas/inspiration and interacting with other bloggers
6.       What is your holy grail beauty product?
Loreal rouge caresse lipsticks
7.       How do you get inspired for your posts?
I basically go through the products I have
8.       What fictional character from movie/book would you most like to be?
Sherlock Holmes because he’s a genius
9.       If you were a superhero which one would you be?
10.   Who is your beauty icon?
11.   If you could have dinner with one famous person living/dead who would it be ?
Angeline Jolie

Katherine’s Questions for me
1.        Why did you start your blog?
I’m always talking about beauty products, and I felt like I needed a creative outlet
2. What is the one beauty product you can't live without?
Concealor for my dark circles
3. What is your favourite beauty brand?
I don’t really have a favourite
4. Do you have a youtube channel?
5. If you could take a youtuber shopping who would it be?
6. Are you reading any books at the moment?
Blood, Sweat and Tea, and I’m loving it
7. Who is your favourite blogger?
I don’t have a favourite yet
8. How long ago did you start blogging?
A few weeks ago
9. Who inspires you most?
My family
10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Finished studying and in a job I love
11. What would be your dream job?
I’m not sure yet, but relevant to my studies

My Nominations

My Questions for my Nominees
  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. How long have you been blogging for, and your experience of it so far?
  3. If you could only wear one beauty product, what would it be?
  4. What do you want to be/did you want to be when you were younger?
  5. What is your favourite clothing item?
  6. Are you a saver or spender?
  7. What is/was your favourite subject?
  8. What is/was your worst subject?
  9. What is your best characteristic?
  10. How developed are your makeup skills?
  11. Finally, do you have any plans for your blog?
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon Review and Swatch

Clinique introduced them, Revlon stole the show and Bourjois revamped them. Yes I am talking about the lip crayons that are still taking the beauty world by storm.

Bourjois released their take last year, which boasts a lightweight feel, 10 hour moisture, SPF15 and waterproof colour!

Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in fuschia libra

After weeks of deliberating I decided to get the Bourjois version as my dry lips needed some moisture. Fuschia libra 2 is exactly that; a bright fushia. It is very blue based, so it makes your teeth look whiter. It does lean more on the cool side, but it still works with my warm medium skintone. The packaging also feels nice and expensive. There is only a slight sweet scent, which I quite like.

Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in fuschia libra
The crayon is very pigmented, and was opaque in one swipe. At first it was quite shiny and moisturising, the initial sheen wore away after an hour but I was still left with the strong colour. I didn't try it out for the full 10 hours but it did last a good few hours on me (most lipsticks really don't last long on me at all and I constantly have to reapply). It was very comfortable to wear, so it lives up to its lightweight claim, and it didn't cling to my dry patches.

swatch of Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in fuschia libra

Overall, I really like this product and and I would love to try out the other shades in the collection as I think they might suit be better being more warm toned.
You can get it here for £6. (RRP is £7.99)

Have you tried any of the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What I read this week

So far this week I have read two books, and I thought I'd do a little post to summarise each book up.

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden book
The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen
On first impressions I really didn't think this was my type of book, I wasn't really interested in teenage romances as such. However, after reading the first few pages I was immediately intrigued. Instead of having one narrator the book has two narrators, Callie and Kayden, with each having a chapter in turn. I thought this was really interesting, as you had the perspective of a girl and a boy. The book was mainly about how they each had their own secrets which pained them, and how they ended up saving one another. Overall, I really loved this book and can't wait to read the sequel (I didn't realise there was one till the end!)
You can buy it here for £5.59.

Robin Hood book
Robin Hood The Story Behind The Legend by David B. Coe
Now I thought this was going to be a book all about Robin Hood's adventures in Sherwood Forest. How wrong was I! It was actually about Robin Hood's life before Nottingham, when he served in the King's Army, and how he came to Nottingham. It was filled with battle, courage and wit. Overall, I also really enjoyed this book and it left me wanting to learn more about the monarchs and all their battles to power.
You can buy it here on kindle for £4.35.

Have you read any of these books or anything by these authors?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lola by Perse Make-up Review and Swatches

Lola By Perse is a relatively new British Make-up brand that is exclusive to M&S. They do a whole range of cosmetics, as well as their own brushes.

Earlier on in the year they did a lot of giveaways, and I won one. I received a bundle which included an eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss, a mascara and an eye pencil.

Lola by Perse Makeup

Their products all come in luxurious black packaging, and with their price range in mind they class as more high end than drugstore.

Lola by Perse Makeup

The Eyeshadow Palette
Lola by Perse eyeshadow palette in 001 Neutral Smokey

The shade I have is 001 Neutral Smokey. True to the name the palette boasts one highlighter shade, two neutrals, one a ligher beige and the other a darker brown, and an almost black shade perfect for the crease.

The shades all have a very satin, buttery feel and are easy to blend. They all contain an element of shimmer, but more so the almost black. This palette could be a great addition for those who love a smokey eye.

You can get it here for £26.

The Lip Gloss
The lipgloss is a glittery coral, and it has a somewhat more semi sheer finish on me. However, it was more flattering than I thought it would be. It has a slight vanilla scent (which I only noticed when applying it) and isn't very sticky.

You can get it here for £10.

The Mega Volume Mascara
Lola by Perse mega volume mascara

The mascara has a bristle brush, which I prefer the most as I find for me they are the best for lengthening, volumizing and curling. So a good all rounder. It's a classic brush and you can't really go wrong with it.

You can get it here for £12.

The Automatic Pencil
The eye liner pencil is retractable and ultra slim. It is an incredible jet black. It is very soft and buttery, so it would be very suited for smudging in the lashline over a smokey eye.

You can get it here for £10.


swatches of Lola by Perse eyeshadow palette in 001 Neutral Smokey, and coral lip gloss

From left to right: Coral lip gloss, 001 Neutral Smokey Eyeshadow swatches

Overall, these products are a good set of essentials for anybody, and they do reflect high quality (They're all made in Italy!). However, I find that they are a bit too expensive for me, but then again if they're sold in M&S I doubt I am the target audience anyway. They could however made great gifts for Mums.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any Lola by Perse products?

Friday, 18 July 2014

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner Review

If you have read my previous post you will know that Benefit were kindly giving out samples of the new They’re Real Push-Up liner as part of The Heist promotion.

Benefit They're Real Liner sample

The sample comes beautifully presented in a little box, which you then open to reveal the wrapped sample. You then have to take the nib out and squeeze the liner to get the product to move to the top.
Benefit They're Real Liner sample

Benefit They're Real Liner sample

Now I was very pleasantly shocked by the consistency, it wasn’t too wet that you have to wait ages for it to dry and nor was it too dry that it was difficult to apply. It just glided on and set immediately. It was so easy to get a precise line, and once set it didn’t budge AT ALL. I was very impressed to say the least.

Benefit They're Real Liner sample

swatch of Benefit They're Real Liner sample

The swatch left to right: going over the line twice, and with one line only.

Not that you can see from the swatch but the liner is a dark black, and even after quite a lot of washing I still had some on my arm the next day.
Overall, the They’re Real Push-Up Liner exceeded my expectations, and I think it could be good for people trying to perfect their winged eyeliner.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Benefit Presents The Heist

Recently on a shopping trip I encountered something very extraordinary. Armed with fake policemen and a mug shot background, it was Benefit’s Heist van.

Upon asking what it was all about I was handed a free sample of their brand new They’re real Push-Up liner, and told that it was a game where you had to get from one side of the van to the other side without touching any of the laser beams across the floor.

Now if you’re even a tiny bit interested in beauty news you’ll know that the They’re Real Push-Up liner is a much anticipated sidekick to the coveted They’re Real mascara.

So I just had to play the game to be in with a chance of winning a full size They’re Real Push-Up Liner. I didn’t win but it was a great experience, and everyone was very excited to say the least.

Benefit are always getting involved with consumers, and this promotion really did draw in the crowds, and I was very happy with my generous sample.

But that’s not all! They are still touring the country, and if you are anywhere close to the venues I strongly suggest you take a look.

The dates are as follows:
Manchester     19th – 20th July
 Glasgow          26th – 27th July
(They will most likely be in the town centre)

Stay tuned for my review of the sample I received xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Starting My Blog

Hi everyone!

I've been considering starting a blog for a while now, but I kept putting it off thinking that I couldn't do it. However, my love of makeup and beauty won the battle.

I've always loved experimenting with makeup from a young age ( as cliched as that sounds), and about a year or so ago I discovered blogs: a hallelujah moment right there.

Since then I have become even more obsessed about the latest product launches, finding dupes, reading reviews and discovering new techniques (contouring anyone).

I hope you can join me on my journey into blogging and beauty, and enjoy it as much as me.

Please feel free to comment with how you felt when you started your blog!