Thursday, 28 August 2014

Make Up Rumours Haul (Lipsticks and Liquid Eyeliner)

Recently I came across Make Up Rumours, a new company which aims to deliver quality products on a budget. In recent years there has been a shift towards affordable products and new companies emerging showing us we can get more for our money. I for one am glad of this trend because constantly buying makeup isn't cheap!

I was very kindly given a £10 off voucher to use, so my total spend came to £3.50.
Make up Rumours Lipsticks and Liquid Eyeliner

They currently sell lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, nail polish, bronzers, lashes and pressed powders. I didn't get any eyeshadows or nail polish as I don't wear them often, so I got a whole lot of lipsticks instead! 9 lipsticks and 1 Liquid eyeliner! Oh and most things cost £1!

The lipsticks don't have shade names, but come numbered. The packaging is also basic, with a little window to see what the shade is. I don't really mind as the less flashy the packaging is, the less you have to pay. A lot of other brands also only started out with numbering shades.

The Lipsticks
They have a wide range of lipsticks in categories like pinks, reds, brights, nudes, browns and lilacs and purples. I got a nice mix of shades. I tried each lipstick out over a course of a few days.

This is the lighter of the two reds they do and I would say that it is more of a pinky red. It has a nearly matte finish, and is very opaque. It did stick to my dry patches a bit, but overall it was quite a flattering colour on my medium skintone. It is very bright, but could also be worn as a stain.

Shade 3

Shade 3 is a medium pink (slightly lighter than shade 5). It has a glossy finish, the formula is more smoother and one of the more moisturising ones. I'm not sure if it's just me but I found this one had more of a raspberry scent. The lipstick is very bright on the lips, almost neon like. It also looks more like a coral pink in the tube and I did find it had coral undertones when I tried it on. Whilst it's very similar to shade 5, I found this to be one of my preferred lipsticks in the collection.

Shade 5

Shade 5 is a very bright, medium barbie pink. It actually took me quite a while to tell shade 3 and 5 apart, as they look very similar. I found this one had a more plasticy smell and it clung to my dry patches a bit more than the others. However, rubbing my lips together helped even it out and it wasn't so noticeable. This doesn't have any strong undertones, so would be suitable for both cool and warm complexions. However I found it a bit too bright for me (it was much brighter than it looks in the tube). I also found it had more of a glossy finish but that soon wears off.

On the lips shade 6 is a very pinky purple neon. I found it a bit too bright, plus it has too much shimmer in it. It did last quite a long time and left a even stain as it wore off. It's not however a shade I will be reaching for.

I love how this shade looks! It's in the lilacs and purples section, but it's more of a mauvey pink, with slight purple undertones. This has a more moisturising formula and it didn't stick to my dry patches. However, as much as I love it in the tube it's too much of a contrast on, and I think it would look better on cooler skintones. It lasted whilst I ate and then gradually weared off, so I would say it lasts a few hours.

I was looking forward to this shade the most, as I don't own any other purples or winter shades yet. It is a classic vampy shade with a semi-matte finish. It did stick to my dry patches a bit. I would say it's quite a universal shade and depends on whether you can pull it off really (not too sure I can just yet). It lasted for a few hours, after I ate I was left with a berry stain and then it gradually wore off.

I've never tried a nude before because it can be quite hard to find one that doesn't make you look like a zombie if you have more yellowness in your skin. With the lipsticks only £1 I didn't have much to lose, so according to the website I tried to go for the deepest nude. I'm quite pleasantly surprised by it! (for reference I'm probably close to NC30). It looked like the perfect nude on me, plus it's slightly coral so it didn't make me look washed out in the slightest. I could probably get away with wearing it as an everyday natural lip colour. It has a shiny finish, and is slightly shimmery. It lasted a few hours but came off after eating, but I don't mind so much.

Shade 19 is a bright orange, but is more on the coral side so would really suit warmer skintones. It did stick to my dry patches and settle into my fine lines quite a bit. The formula feels more moisturising and has a somewhat glossy finish. It wore off after eating. It's a shade I really like, but the formula isn't the best for dry lips.

Shade 20 is an incredibly bright orange! It is opaque in one swipe, and it is a pure orange so it would be suitable for people with warm and cool complexions. It did settle in my fine lines a bit, it wasn't strongly noticeable but I think the key with all these lipsticks is to exfoliate and remove all dry skin. It has quite a shiny finish, but would be great for people who want to try out an orange lip (like me).

(Sorry for having to make you look at my incredibly red arm after all those swatches)

This is a basic eyeliner that would be welcome into anyone's collection for £1.50. It is the blackest black, quite easy to control if you know what you're doing (unlike me) and the nib makes it easy to do a thin or thick line. I would definately recommend this, it's a really good liquid eyeliner for everyday use. It also doesn't budge when set, it sets immediately and lasts all day, and is just as glossy as when you put it on. Hopefully, this will help me to conquer eyeliner for one and for all!

Overall, I think the lipsticks are all very pigmented, I do prefer some colours over the others as I think some have a better formula. I would like to see the shade numbers put onto the lids as I did get quite confused not knowing which shade was which. I can also see a lot of people purchasing the liquid eyeliner as it's a great product.

Whilst Make Up Rumous is a very new company I can't wait to see them expand as other similar companies have done, I can see concealer and foundation lines also being introduced down the line.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you have your eye on any of these products?

Money Saving Tips and Going Green

A lot of us are often trying to save money (we've worked out by now that unfortunately it doesn't grow on trees), but are we doing all we can to save our money?

The best part of saving money? It often goes hand in hand with saving the environment, and who doesn't love the planet, sure it's easy to take it all for granted but where would we be without it.

Money Saving Tips and Going Green

I love discussing bargains on my blog, and in this post I'm going to remind you of some money saving tips you might have forgotten or inform you of some you don't know about yet.

Firstly, while we're all caught up in the latest mobile phone releases, how many of you check mobile phone recycling services (Like Music Magpie and Envirofone) to see how much they'll offer you for your old mobile phone before you throw it into a drawer never to be found. Mobile phones also represent a great proportion of toxins in landfills, that isn't good for our planet is it? You can also find similar gadget recycling services for all your unloved gadgets.

A lot of us may also throw out old CDs and DVDs, which can also be sold on Music Magpie.

There is also the issue of books, you can sell them on websites like Amazon but sometimes you find you don't get anywhere near what you paid for them. This is especially the case with Uni textbooks (seeing as they're constantly updated), so I'm going have a go on ebay which may help someone else.

I haven't personally tried this, but a lot of people sell their old clothes on ebay to make some money to buy new clothes. This could be great if you have lot's of unused clothes in the back of your wardrobe.

However, with ebay fees on the rise a lot of people have also turned to car boot sales. This could be a great way to offload your old items without postage costs, and you may also nab a few bargains whilst you're there! Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to one!

Ebay can however be great for beauty bargains!

Also, how many of you have been awakened by scrap metal collectors in the morning*? Scrap metal can be quite valuable (as a lot of you will know), so instead of throwing it out why not offer it to stainless steel suppliers for some extra money.

Then there are supermarket programmes too (aside from the Boots advantage card!) You may get points per £ you spend, special offers in the post, points for using your own carrier bags and some supermarkets even pay cash for aluminium cans.

Also, Samples! Why buy something only to realise it's not for you, and waste a lot of money. You should never be afraid to ask for samples at makeup counters!

Promotions and sales are a great way to save money too! Websites like Voucher Codes have a lot of promotional codes you can use to lower the cost of your shop, plus waiting for promotions can also save you a lot of money (you only need to look at the amount of orders people were doing when Debenhams had £5 off all lipsticks on National Lipstick Day).

Using cashback sites when you shop also gives you a percentage of your spend back.

Other tips can also be to contact you water providers for free water saving tools, cut down on your water usage, check price comparison sites, shop at Price Discounters (Poundland), don't buy things that are practically identical to what you already have and make informed purchases.

I hope you found this post useful!

What other methods do you use to save or earn some extra money?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Manhattan Soft Matte Lipcream Review and Swatch

Moisturising and pigmented, with a matte finish! Sounds perfect right? Introducing the Manhattan lip creams, which claim to give you an intensive colour, complete with a velvety-matte finish that is soft on the lips.

Manhattan lip cream 54l

There aren't many lip creams in the makeup world, but we've already seen offerings from Collection and NYX. Manhattan is a German brand and is not widely available here.

I picked up shade 54L in Poundland a few months ago, after I heard how they were a possible dupe for the NYX lip creams which are so hard to find.

The packaging is practical and gives you an idea of the shade. 

Manhattan lip cream 54l

The doe foot applicator makes application very easy. The lip cream has a very smooth texture, thicker than lipglosses, and very creamy. The lip cream does infact feel very light on your lips, and it is very moisturising when you put it on, like a lip balm.

However I would still exfoliate before to get an even finish.

The shade is a medium rose pink which is very flattering against my medium skintone. I think it would suit anyone as it's not too bright, just a classic rose.

Swatches of Manhattan lip cream 54l

The lip cream lasts for a good few hours and it wears off very evenly and gradually. It has a slight vanilla scent.

I would love to try out more shades in the range, unfortunately they're not available in Poundland anymore, but you can get them from ebay for £2.50 including postage.

Have you tried any lip creams? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum Review

Benefit were recently giving away some samples of their new serum on their website, and I ordered one.
The great thing is you get to try out a product without even having to leave the comfort of your own house, let alone having to ask for samples at the counter.

They come packaged in the cutest little box. The sample is also a lot bigger than I thought it would be (none of those sachets that go everywhere!). It has 5ml in it, so a decent amount to try it out.

Then I realised that the serum was marketed as a age-defying booster. I don't need to be worrying about wrinkles just yet, but I decided to give it a go anyway. It claims to boost the youthful look of skin, leaving it plumped, hydrated, smoother, firmer and energized.

I haven't tried a serum yet (as it's so difficult to get an affordable one in the drugstore) so I didn't really know what to expect.

The texture of it feels like water, but more sticky. It also has a citrus scent. It absorbs quite quickly into the skin, and it feel nice on the skin, quite lightweight.

However, I didn't notice any lasting effect from using it. Although as this is a sample that's not to say you won't find good results with it if you use it regularly.

It retails for £36 for 30ml here, which I find incredibly pricey. I might look for alternatives for my skin instead.

I hope this post was useful!

Have you ever tried serums, which ones would you recommend?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte 006 Really Red Review and Swatches

If there was ever a coveted lipstick, Revlon Really red would be it!
It's one of those lipsticks that has a lot of hype surrounding it, but did it meet my expectations?

First of all, the packaging is simple but classic. It has a sturdry feel and the cap locks into place, so no more missing lids in my handbag.

The shade is called 006 Really Red, which couldn't be more apt. It is exactly that, a neutral red which would suit both warm and cool complexions.

The lipstick is very pigmented and is opaque in one swatch, so it would be perfect for those who have more pigmented lips. I also have incredibly dry lips, so I exfoliate before putting on any lipstick (using my Lush lip scrub).

On my medium Asian skintone, the lipstick comes up as a flattering medium red. It's not too bright nor too dark. Whilst it is a completely matte finish it did not cling to my dry patches much, it went on smoothly and feels very lightweight.

My skin is also a bit more on the neutral side, slightly yellow but has a bit of pinkness in it too, and it doesn't look too harsh on me.

The lipstick is very long lasting, it lasted more than 6 hours on me. Although towards the end my dry patches were a bit more visible and it felt a little drier, I might try putting a lip balm on underneath next time.

It does leave quite a even stain on your lips as it starts to wear off, which I quite liked. I also lick my lips a lot (because they're so dry) so I was pleasantly surprised by how long it stayed on. Although lipsticks always fades off one of my lips quite a while before the other (does anyone else have this problem?).

Overall, I really liked this lipstick and you can tell it is from Revlon, the quality is really good.

Now onto the best part, I got this lovely lipstick for only £3!
From where (I hear you ask)? From TK Maxx!

I used to visit TK Maxx before when they used to have lots of toiletries and I purchased a few nail polishes set (nails inc, OPI etc). When they changed the layout I didn't really find much so stopped going.

However, on a whim I decided to check it out and found lots of makeup. Unfortunately, a lot of lipsticks were squished, but I found this with the seal still on.

Have you tried any Revlon Lipsticks? What would you recommend?

Save Money on your Online Shopping

I think we've all had that feeling of disappointment when something we wanted to buy went in the sale but we missed it.
This new tool from LoveSales claims to be the answer to savvy online shopping.

I was recently contacted by them to show my readers their new tool (this isn't a sponsored post, I haven't received any incentive), and I decided to do so as I want to show my readers how they can save money on something they may do all the time.

Their home page is a showcase of all the current sales and items tailored to your favourite brands (which you select) that have dropped in price.

The idea of the website is that you add items into your list and they inform you when there has been a drop in price. I've already used a similar website in the past to tell me when an item in Amazon dropped in price, and it was quite useful.

You add your products to your list by inserting the URL or you can put the LoveSales button on your toolbar. They take a while to load onto your list. Once you have done this you can select how much you want it to drop in price before you are informed, I selected 20%.

This is my board with all my items, you can create as many boards as you want e.g. with different themes.

I hope you found this post useful!

Have you tried any similar tools, or would you consider trying them out? Let me know of any experiences you may have!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cake pops using the Jane Asher Range at Poundland

Cake pops are everywhere at the moment, but the kits to make them are quite costly. So when I saw that they had the new Jane Asher range at Poundland I brought a few products.

My Sister loves baking so we decided to give it a go. We brought 2 cake pop moulds, a packet of cake pop sticks, a bowl, wooden spoons and a Jane Asher book with a few simple recipes. 

Jane Asher cake pop moulds

The first step was to make the mixture using the recipe on the moulds which was relatively easy.
Cap pop mixture

We then put the mixture into the moulds, and put them into the oven to rise.
cake pops baking

This is how they looked once they were baked.
Cake pops baking

Cake pops baking

The next step was to prep the decorations, which involved melting chocolate and getting platefuls of sprinkles ready! This is the creative part, and you can do whatever you want!

We then coated them in the chocolate and rolled them in the decorations, and we were done!

It would have been easier to put them on the sticks and then coat them, but they kept falling off the sticks and breaking. So we put them on the sticks afterwards, and might look into different sticks next time.

cake pops
cake pops
cake pops
cake pops

It took us a bit longer to get all the decorations on than we imagined, but they taste good and they're perfect for keeping in the fridge for when you want a snack!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried cake pops?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Frizzy Hair? Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo Review

Frizzy Hair is the bane of my existance! No amount of serums, oils or conditioners make much of a difference. Yet I continue buying many products in the hope that one of them will work!

So there I was browsing in Superdrug when I noticed this shampoo. I had heard a lot about Aussie haircare, and so I decided to give it a go.

Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo

The shampoo was nice to apply as it lathered up quite easily. It had a lovely bubblegum scent (which may be down to the Australian Blue Gum leaves in it that are supposed to control frizz and smooth flyaways). However it dries your hair and scalp out a lot (even if you have greasy hair), I used an intensive conditioner on my ends to combat this.

Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo

When my hair was completely dried there was no difference, it was as frizzy as ever. I didn't really enjoy using this shampoo, although I used most of it up. I also felt like the leave in conditioner from the same range didn't do much for my hair either. This is a product that I wouldn't repurchase.

Whilst this post wasn't full of praises, I hope you found it useful!
What products do you use to combat frizzy hair?

Thursday, 14 August 2014

So I Brought My Own Domain and Instructions

I brought my own domain

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a little post to tell you that I no longer am .blogspot and have brought my own domain!

First of all, I'm quite glad that I took this leap of faith! Plus I love the way it sounds, no more having to say velvetblushx.blogspot.co.uk.

There's quite a lot of factors that have led to me buying my own domain. When I started blogging I initially thought it was only the more established blogs that had their own domain. However, I realised that anyone can and whilst some newer blogs waited until they had been blogging for a while, others just went ahead with it from the start.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with being blogspot, I feel like buying a domain has made it more mine, a bit more personal. Hopefully it should also encourage me to put more effort into it as I have paid for it. It also means that I got the blog name I initially wanted, with no awkward x at the end.

I purchased my domain from GoDaddy for £3.50 (which seems to be many bloggers preferred choice). I did actually want .com as it sounds more worldwide, but unfortunately that was taken. So I quickly snapped up www.velvetblush.co.uk before someone else did.

There's also little difference getting .com or .co.uk, I guess it's the bloggers personal choice.

I then used some tutorials to put the codes in, which were fairly simple, and my web domain worked instantly. I didn't have to contact GoDaddy and the whole procedure was quite quick.

I did however have to claim my blog again through bloglovin, and email them to switch over my followers and delete the blogspot blog. This took about a day and they emailed me when it was done.

I am still using blogger, it's just my URL which has changed.

I am now going to show you the basic instructions to help you out:
  1. First you need to buy your domain (you do not need to purchase any extras)
  2. You then need to go to blogger, go to settings, basic and insert your new domain into blog address. It will redirect your old domain to your new domain.
  3. When you click save it will give you an error and give you two codes. SAVE THESE CODES.
  4. Next, go to your GoDaddy account and click on my account, manage my domains. Then click on your domain name, and a page will load. You then need to click on DNZ Zone file on the tab.
  5. Scroll down to CNAME Alias and you will enter your codes as records as shown below.

That's it! It should work, as stated above mines worked immediately but it might differ.

You may also wish to forward your domain, so if someone doesn't enter www. at the start your blog should still load.

Simply go to your domains, and click on the little tab next to your domain and click on forward domain.

This is how you should set it up to forward. Click on http, enter your domain and click on 301.

Overall, if this is something you're thinking of, I would say go for it. I would however recommend you spend a bit of time thinking about what you want and if you want to change your blog name whilst you do so. (It will save you a lot of time down the line)

So what do you all think of my new blog domain? Do you have any plans to change your blog domain? If you already have, what encouraged you to make the change?