Monday, 29 September 2014

Poundworld Haul Ft NYC - Bargain Beauty

Who doesn't love beauty bargains! Following on from my last budget haul here, I am back with some more products that I got from Poundworld.

I've never been to Poundworld before so when I saw the store I literally jumped in, and it didn't disappoint!

I've seen a few people finding the NYC applelicious glossy lip balms so they were the main things I was looking for. Fortunately I managed to find two in the shades 354 Apple Blossom and 358 Garnet Gala. They're tinted balms with an apple scent.
From L to R: 354 Apple Blossom, 358 Garnet Gala

Apple Blossom is more of a raspberry shade, it gives a slight tint to the lips and has quite a sheen like a lipgloss. It looks very natural, and is a sort of your lips but better colour. Garnet Gala is almost like a brick red, on my lips it comes across as a bronzey red with slight coral undertones. It's quite the opposite to Apple Blossom, it has a lot of shimmer in it and would be for those times when you want a bit more colour.

The formula for both of them is very smooth and even, they don't stick to dry patches at all. They are really moisturising so they would be perfect for the upcoming season. Like lip balms they don't last very long, but they're great for topping up when your lips feel a bit dry. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of Apple Blossom.

The eyeliner is the NYC high definition liquid eyeliner in 001 Dancing Diva. It's a soft brown that is great for a neutral look. The nib is very pointed and precise so it's quite easy to apply, it has a felt tip applicator. It didn't last for the whole day like my NYC liquid eyeliner in black (a Poundland buy) but it lasted around about 6 hours. It also didn't smudge or transfer as it wore off.

Finally I got the NYC high definition seperating mascara in 849 Extreme Black. It has a plastic wand and the bristles are quite small, it reminded me of the Loreal telescopic mascara. It would be great for getting into those small lashes, and for the price I think it'd make a good everyday mascara for some definition.

I actually got this eyeshadow from Poundland a few weeks ago, I saw some other shades too but none of them caught my eye like 037 Metallic Lilac. I love the Loreal colour infallible eyeshadows, they're pressed pigments that have great colour pay off. This particular shade is a lilac with slightly grey undertones. It gives a wonderful metallic like sheen without being shimmery. It's a great addition to my infallible collection.

I got this Revlon creme gloss for 50p from Savers, it appears to have been discountinued like the NYC liner and mascara. The packaging is sturdy and high quality, very similar to their lipsticks. To put it on you need to turn the dial at the bottom and the product appears on the brush applicator. You do tend to get a lot of product as it's hard to tell how much to tun it by.

The shade I got is 065 Crush on Coral. The formula is very sticky and it doesn't apply so evenly. It's also not very opaque, more like a tinted gloss. It's much too shimmery for my liking, however the colour alone can be quite a flattering coral if you go for a light layer.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the products I picked up, even if one of two of them turned out to be duds.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you picked up any bargains lately?

Friday, 26 September 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Funk Review and Swatches

I think by now you must all know about my obsession with velvet. When the Lime Crime Velvetines came out I desperately wanted one, but alas they were out of my budget. I was really excited when MUA brought theirs out but decided not to get one after seeing some not so positive reviews.

However, I was recommended them on twitter and so I decided to give them a go, and I'm really glad I did!

First of all, I love the frosted glass packaging, it definitely looks more than a £3 product. It's very elegant and cool, and something I'd be proud to take out of my makeup bag.

The shade I got is Funk, which is a bold pink. They claim it glides on like a gloss and leave a matte velvety finish.

I found that the velvet lip lacquer did glide on very smoothly and evenly. It's like a thick matte gloss meaning that you have time to work with it before it dries. It also didn't cling to any dry patches. After a minute or two it does dry down to a smooth velvety finish, you can tell it's on your lips but it isn't a heavy product. It doesn't transfer or smudge around your lips once it's dried. It lasted a few hours on me, and then wore off when I ate. It wore off quite evenly, there were no patches left.

On the lips it's slightly lighter than a medium pink, but not quite barbie pink. It has quite a neon look so I think it would suit all skintones.

Overall, I was really impressed with the product for the price, and would love to pick up more shades! You can get it here for £3.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have you ever tried the MUA Luxe Velvet lacquers, or do you want to?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Win a dress worth £450 with Dress2Party

I was recently contacted by dress2party to inform my readers about the giveaway they are holding for a prom/formal dress.

Dress2party is the biggest and most exclusive stockists of prom dresses and formal gowns in the UK. They have 3 stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow. You can also order online. They carry the most Sherri Hill dresses.

I never went to prom so I can't really imagine the stress or fiasco of trying to find your perfect prom dress (lucky me), however they have a really big range from browsing their website.

They do a giveaway every month, and this is the dress you can win this month. You can view it here. It's a very expensive Sherri Hill dress so whoever wins it is in for a treat!

My personal pick is this dress here. I love how it's so classy and elegant, and glamorous at the same time.

Prom dresses are extremely expensive, so hopefully one of you may get your dream dress for free. To enter the giveaway you need to have facebook or twitter.

The details are here. I don't have facebook, but you can go on twitter, follow them, retweet and favourite this tweet, as well as reply why you want to win the dress.

I hope you found this post useful, especially those of you who may be preparing for prom or a Christmas party.

This is not a sponsored post.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Manchester Trafford Centre

A week ago I went on a day trip to Manchester to visit the Trafford Centre. It was great fun, I got to visit a lot of shops, as well as eat at the Orient which was breath taking.

When we reached Manchester we walked over to the bus station to get the bus. It was about a half an hour journey. The first thing I saw was the big Selfridges, it has quite an aristocratic appearance with fountains and statues lining the path, and the building is beautiful. It was the first Selfridges outside of London and remains the biggest outside of it. After having a quick browse at the clothes concessions and the beauty counters we went to the main shopping centre.

I loved this eos display!

The Trafford is beautifully designed, it has quite a posh feel with the statues and gold detailing. It has two floors of shops and there are so many shops that it's actually quite a long walk from one side to the other.

After browsing through a few clothes shops we decided to eat. We walked towards the food hall, went past Chinatown (an incredibly creative and vibrant place that makes you feel like you might actually be in Chinatown), and then came to the Orient.

It was much more exciting that the pictures had conveyed. The top floor had lot's of food brands with their own seating. However, we decided to go to the bottom floor (which had the same food brands) so we could order and take our food to sit in the middle of the Orient, which is laid out like a ship.

We decided to try some Mexican food so I got a Barburito's burrito and my Sister got Barburito's taco bells. We sat right in the centre of the ship, and the atmosphere was wonderful and the food was so yummy. It was also very filling.

After we ate we went shopping again. I got a lovely sparkly top from Quiz, as well as a new purse from Aldo which is perfect, elegant and not super expensive.

Overall, it was a great day out, and I got to visit some lovely shops that I haven't before. I definitely want to go there again!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pink Parcel - What Every Girl Needs

Pink Parcel, It's a monthly thing!

We've all heard of beauty boxes and food boxes, but what is Pink Parcel*? It's a monthly box that aims to make your time of the month more easier, and perhaps more enjoyable, yes I really did say that.

It comes beautifully presented in a sleek, compact box that is recyclable. They deliver 5 days before your cycle to be on the safe side.

The box is split into 3 sections. The for now section has a jiffy bag that's perfect for carrying some supply around with you, and includes some supply for your time of the month. The for later section has two boxes with the rest of your supply. Finally, the for you section has a mixture of goodies from various brands.

The packaging is all very discreet and cute. I don't subscribe to any beauty boxes but I think this is a great deal as you're paying for something that you would otherwise be buying, and getting some treats thrown in, all from the comfort of your home.

This is the for you box. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it, the goodies are amazing! They vary from box to box, but I got: a full size Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur, a full size Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara in black (that retails for £21!), a full size Witch redness relief moisturiser (that I can't wait to try out on my red cheeks), a Teapigs tea bag, and some Doisy & Dam organic dark chocolate full of antioxidants.

Overall, I am really impressed! After seeing the samples that some people received from the big brand beauty boxes I wasn't very keen at all, but Pink Parcel have definitely upped the game. The first box costs £5.95 here, and then £9.95 afterwards.

Have you tried any boxes? What are your thoughts?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nanshy Luxury Make Up Brush Set Review

I prefer using synthetic makeup brushes, and therefore when I heard that Nanshy (a cruelty free brand) do good blending brushes, I really wanted to try out some of their products!

Nanshy do a range of brushes and face kits, which often work out more affordable compared to other high end brands. Their eye collection is also quite varied, which isn't always easy to find on the high street (for example, I don't think the Real Techniques eye brushes provide a great variety!). So whilst I was lusting over the brushes, I heard the great news that I won the whole Nanshy Luxury brush set in a giveaway that I had entered on the odd chance! Fate finally smiled down at me!

Now this particular collection isn't available since I first posted this review, but I think the eye brush set (see here) or the Masterful Collection (see here) will be similar!

This collection came presented in a really sturdy box, perfect for gifting purposes! It includes 4 face brushes, and 9 eye brushes. It also included a handy travel case, and as you can see Nanshy brushes are cruelty free. The bristles are all synthetic and antibacterial. They are also designed to avoid shedding, and the handles are supposed to make application more easy.

From L to R:  Powder and Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation brush and Powder brush.

From L to R: Eye lash and Eyebrow Spoolie, Eyebrow and Lip brush, Concealer brush, Blending Eyeshadow brush, Eyeshadow brush, Small Eyeshadow brush, Angled Eyeshadow brush, Crease brush and Eye Liner brush.

Carry Case

From L to R:  Powder and Foundation brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush and Powder brush.

 From L to R: Eye lash and Eyebrow Spoolie, Eyebrow and Lip brush, Concealor brush, Blending Eyeshadow brush, Eyeshadow brush, Small Eyeshadow brush, Angled Eyeshadow brush, Crease brush and Eye Liner brush.

So what did I think?

This is a classic flat top brush that has multiple uses. I mainly use these brushes to buff my foundation in. It's a bit smaller than other buffing brushes I have but it is very precise. It was easy to buff my foundation in, although I did find that the brush soaked up a bit of the foundation but it wasn't any more than other buffing brushes I've tried.

This is a blush brush, but due to the shape I like to use it for contouring as it fits nicely underneath the cheekbone. It was very easy to contour with this, and I would definitely recommend it. It was also as good for applying blush and highlighter.

This is a classic paddle brush and I think I prefer these a bit more because they work better with dry skin, and I like them better for light coverage foundations. This was really soft and pleasant to use, it did soak up a bit of my foundation too but I liked the finish it gave.

Another classic powder brush but probably the best one I have used so far. It's incredibly soft and allows me to lightly pat my powder over my t zone to not disrupt my base. It'a a bit smaller than my current powder brush but I felt like it was the perfect size for me. Two years on and I'm still reaching for this on a daily basis!

I love these! It's not often you find them in a makeup brush set but I use these to shape my eyebrows and they're a great product to have.

This is an angled eye brow and lip brush. I don't fill in my eyebrows so I can't comment on that, but it's quite small so it's very easy to apply a precise lip with this. I also use it to apply eyeshadow to my lower lash lines, it's quite a firm brush so it didn't blend it out but it's good to deposit some colour and then go over with any of the eye brushes.

The concealer brush is a small paddle brush, like the foundation brush. It's really easy to pat concealer/correctors on with this brush. It's a bit on the small side so I don't get much use from it, but it could also be used to cover blemishes.

This is an excellent blending brush, it's just the right size! It's quite densely packed and the bristles are very soft and make blending a lot easier. I like to use this to blend the eye look together.

This is a good brush to lay down eyeshadow colour, it has quite a flat shape but the bristles at the end are shaped into a semi circle. It's so densely packed that you can also use the end of the brush to blend as you lay down the colour using the flat sides.

This brush is a smaller version of the above brush, as the name suggests. It can also be used to lay down colour and then blend.

I don't really know what to do with angled blending brushes but this is great to blend out the harsh lines from eyeshadow. It could also be used to add a brow highlight.

This is the perfect brush to deposit colour into your crease and it also blends it out really well. It's a great alternative to all the other crease and blending brushes out there, and it's a firm favourite of mine.

When I saw the eyeliner brush I was a bit scared as I'm rubbish at eyeliner! I decided to give it a go anyway and I attempted to do a winged eyeliner using gel eyeliner. For the first time ever I managed to do the perfect winged eye, this eye liner brush is now my new favourite! It's firm but flexible, and also very soft for the eyelids.

Overall, this is a great set and has everything you could need (especially for your first brush set). I would definitely recommend their eye brushes too as they have a great range! It's a shame it's been discontinued, but I would recommend looking into their new ranges.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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