Monday, 15 December 2014

My Christmas Decorations and Advent Calendar

Christmas seems to come round faster every year! I put my tree and decorations up a few days ago but I've still got my presents to buy (if you're a last minute shopper like me you can imagine how wild it can get)!

Anyway I thought I would do a post to show you my Christmas decorations because I love looking at other peoples myself.

This is my tree, it's a basic one that cost me £10 a few years ago, I might get a new one for next year though (I'm not too keen of the sparseness).

This year I went for a silver and light pink theme, with a few multi-coloured decorations thrown in to spruce it up.

Here's a close up with the fairy lights on.

I love these giant snowflakes, they really add some sparkle! These were from the Christmas Boutique*.

The Christmas Boutique is an online shop owned by the retail group Urban33. Their Christmas shop is open 365 days a year and they specialise in all sorts of Christmas decorations and ornaments.

These mini glass baubles are really cute, they have small hooks at the end which mean you can stick them on at the tip of the branch. You can get them for £5.99 here*.

The mini silver glass baubles are also for £5.99 here*. The bigger silver and baby pink baubles came in a set from B&M for £1.99.

These heart glass baubles are for £4.00 here*. All the mini glass baubles come in a pack of 12. The tinsel is from Poundland/B&M for £1.

I absolutely love snowglobes so I was over the moon to get these. These come in a set of two for £12.99 here*. One of them is a reindeer and the other is a Santa. I leave these on my mantelpiece and they really set the atmosphere. The purple mini trees also came in a pack of two from Poundland.

Time for the best bit! The advent calendar! I always wanted to have a go at putting your own treats as a countdown. This was £25 but it's now on sale for £12.50 here*. They do a wide range of advent calenders at The Christmas Boutique, from wooden calenders to washing line style, like mine.

I really like how it looks over the fireplace, what do you think?

This is a close up of the stockings, they are shaped like slippers, gloves and hats (if only you could wear them!).

This is how my mantel looks put together!

Here are some of the gifts that I'll be putting in the stockings for my family. The clips are really cute and were for £2, although I don't know how to style them. I then got a small vanilla perfume to carry around from the Body Shop and some cocoa butter lotion. Lastly, I got some lips products for £1 each which I will be doing a post on soon. I've also included some chocolates in the stockings.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I'd love to hear what theme you're doing this year or if you have a post up too!


  1. Lovely tree and decorations your blog is lovely

  2. So festive, I love it! I love the theme & colours of your tree :) x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. Christmas Trees makes me feel so festive! The purple snowflakes is my favourite! Have you entered my giveaway yet? Just a few days left to win a Too Faced eye palette :)


    1. Haha same here, they get me all excited for Christmas!

  4. You have so many lovely bits & bobs :) I especially love the purple Christmas tress - can't believe they're only £1! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. Thank you! I always spy cute little pieces in the Poundshops so I always end up getting more decorations each year! :)

  5. Love your decorations! The advent calendar is the best, I really want to do one myself which I fill up with little gifts :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much! I've really enjoyed doing it too, I've filled it with all sorts :) xx

  6. What a very festive post. Loving it.
    Great deco can not believe they are from B&M .. Great post. xox


    1. Thank you! B&M has literally everything it seems ;)

  7. What an adorable little tree, looks very genuine
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  8. You've decorated your tree so beautiful! Love the pink snowflakes!


  9. that's a cute advent calendar! I thought all calendars were the boxy ones that have goodies inside :D cute tree, by the way


    1. Thank you! Haha I was the same a year ago, although I still love getting chocolates :) xx