Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rimmel Colour Rush Balms Review

The Rimmel Colour Rush balms were were released quite a while back but whilst there's been a big hype surrounding the Revlon and Bourjois offerings I hadn't seen the Rimmel ones around much before.

On a recent trip I picked up one of these for £1.99 in B&M (now £1.50) and then another one in Poundland, they're still retailing for £4.50 in boots currently! (You can also pick them up from PoundStretcher)

The two shades I picked up are 210 Boom Chic A Boom which is a medium pink, slightly on the cool side and 220 Rumour Has It which is a deeper fuschia pink, and looks almost berry like on.

The packaging is similar to a standard lip crayon, nothing too flashy but bright and colourful! They're quite good however at gaining an idea of the shade. I could just pick up a slight vanilla scent but it's undetectable on.

Onto the application.. These are much more moisturising than I expected! They do provide some hydration when you put them on, especially considering they have quite a glossy finish. It also helps it glide over the dry patches (which is something that I need with the current weather).

They last for about 4-5 hours on me, after which they leave a even stain, the gloss does fade after an hour or two. The shades themselves are quite opaque, almost like lipsticks but with a high shine finish.

Overall, I think they are a great product to snatch up! Whilst I haven't tried many of the Revlon ones to compare, I found these to be just as good as the Bourjois ones, if not better. 220 Rumour Has it has become one of my go to shades for Winter and my favourite from the duo.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which lip crayons are your favourite?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tmart Concealer Palette Review

Concealer palettes are incredibly multipurpose, you can use them for your concealer, foundation and contouring, and so I've wanted to get my hands on one for a while.

This 54 colour concealer palette* from Tmart here retails at £12.82. First of all, the packaging is quite flimsy as it's made out of cardboard but it does a decent job of keeping the concealers compact. It's slightly bigger than your average eyeshadow palette.

As you can see it has a wide variety of shades. The 30 concealer shades are skintone shades and would work well for everyone.

The 24 concealers have a more unusual mix of shades that could be used for colour correcting.

Now moving onto the actual product. I first tried to used it as a concealer with a more yellowy shade underneath to brighten my under eye area up and a skintone shade on top. It didn't look good! The product is really hard to pick up with brushes, it wasn't as pigmented as I expected and it was very hard to blend! It did end up looking quite cakey and after a few more goes I decided it wasn't great as a concealer for me.

I then tried it as a contour and again it was very hard to blend. Whilst the shades looked promising it went on a bit patchy. This is the moment I thought why don't I heat it up? I then gave a few shades a blast with my hairdryer and they softened up! I was then able to get it to blend quite well with my RT contour brush and the contour did look more subtle than a powder contour.

Here's a few swatches of some shades I used. They look more pigmented in the swatches compared to when you apply them.

I mainly used the last 3 on the left as a contour. However, I recently tried using the more peachy shades as a colour corrector underneath my eyes, and it does actually work to an extent, but the shades are a bit greasy so they feel a bit heavy on the skin.

Overall, I found that the palette was a bit of a let down as the shades could work as colour correctors, but the formula isn't quite right, they feel too slippery.

I'd love to hear if you've tried any similar palettes and your thoughts on them!