Friday, 20 March 2015

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

Moisturising? Tick. Hydrating? Tick. Suitable for sensitive skin? Tick. Absorbs fast? Tick. And lastly affordable? Tick!

These are the main criteria I look for when picking a face cream and this cream from the Vitamin E range from Superdrug meets them all. The cream itself only costs £2.99 but it's often on offer with the other products in the range.

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

It's suitable for normal to dry skin and it claims to have a rich complex of many vitamins to leave skin looking soft, smooth and radiant. First of all, the formula is generally in line with other night creams, whilst it's not watery it's also not as thick as some day creams. I find that it really works for me as I can feel it absorbing into my skin instead of just sitting on the surface.

A lot of creams for dry skin tend to be very thick and I found that they didn't help my skin in the long term. Especially when they have SPF added I find them too thick that they can actually clog up my skin (I prefer to add my own SPF beforehand but that's a whole other issue). This is why I've started to use this cream as my day cream aswell (strange I know!) as I find that it's the only one so far that helps with my dehydrated skin. I even gave Eucerin a go, at £11, and my skin still felt dry afterwards.

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

The cream itself feels quite luxurious to apply, it massages in quite nicely and makes my skin feel a bit more plump. It instantly soothes the skin and my skin can be a little bit sensitive and it just helps to calm some of the redness down.

The main issue with my skin is that it's dehydrated so I'm drinking a lot more water to help but I have noticed a great decrease in dry flaky skin around my jaw since I've started using this. One of these tubs lasts me atleast 3-4 months and the fact that I've already been through 3 of these shows just how much I like it!

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

I would even say the night cream is quite similar to Simple's night cream (which I used before but it was a little less moisturising),  as the skincare ranges focus on simple products without all the added complexity.

Overall, it's a cream that I'll carry on repurchasing and I can't wait to give other products in the range a go (the naturally radiant range has a few gems too, like the hot cloth cleanser).

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Have you tried any products from this range?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

First off all, Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating! Technically everyday should be Mother's day but it's great to have one day around the world where we just stop and pause, and  think about how grateful we are for what we have.

It's a special opportunity to show the people we love that we don't take them for granted the other 364 days of the year (even if it does look that way!) and of course Mother's day extends to everyone because a Mum can be anyone.

To treat my Mum this mother's day I made her some breakfast in bed ( more like breakfast in the living room). This hamper was courtesy of Roberts Bakery* and I would definitely check them out as they do a lot of similar things for other key dates, like Valentine's day. Plus it was really yummy!

As for a present I got her a card and a Soap and Glory giftset, she loves hand food just like pretty much everyone! We're also planning on doing some baking in the afternoon and cooking dinner (wish me luck!).

I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tiger Haul

On a recent trip to London I came across a Tiger store (I had heard of the brand before but never come across one of their stores). From the window display I could tell it was quite a quirky store but with some really useful products. It's basically a home/lifestyle/stationary/craft store rolled into one!

Long story short my basket was fast filling up as soon as I went in and so here's a haul of a few of the things I picked up!

I got this set of mini bows for £2 which will really come in handy for birthday! Of course I couldn't resist the velvet ribbon in a pinky purple shade for £1, I just had to get it! They also had plenty of satin ribbons in various colours which were £1 for a full roll whereas a lot of other shops charge the same amount for a small section.

They had so much stationary, if you stock keep stationary look away now! They had notebooks for £1, mini memo pads with pens for £1, an office set with all your essentials for £2 and a cute mini alarm clock for £3.

Another memo pad and mini stapler for £1 each!

They also had a lot of toiletry and beauty products, including acrylic storage for £3. These toothbrush covers  were £1 for the pack.

This stamp set was for £4, I'm quite into my crafts so I thought it was quite cool to have!

Lastly, I just found this so funny I had to get it. It's a mini trolley for £4 that you can use for anything, although stationary is the obvious choice. It's a really novelty item but because the store's not ridiculously expensive it's a nice souvenir really.

They had a lot of other interesting items too but I had to draw the line somewhere! They also had a fitness range which looked really good but unfortunately most of it was sold out.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Smooch Cosmetics Review

Recently I got to try out some Smooch Cosmetics products and here's my thoughts on them!

I got an eyeshadow compact in Dare to Bare*, a blusher compact in Sweet Cheeks* and a lipstick in Sweet Tooth*.

First of all, whilst I'm not a big fan of the outer packaging as I feel like the shiny boxes lower down the image, the product packaging is quite nice for an affordable brand. It has the Nars-esque compacts with a velvety finish, which although they do cling to products, they look really good! They also come with nice mirrors which is always useful!

The blusher compact in Sweet Cheeks* features two shades, one is a beige pink and the other is more of a coral pink with very fine glitter flecks running through it.

Whilst the lighter shade is quite pigmented it didn't show up at all on my skin, it also doesn't have a reflective gleam that means it could be used as a highlighter. However, if you're very fair this could be the perfect summer blush for you.

The coral pink on the other hand is definitely one of my favourite shades I've come across, it's the perfect pink with a pop for summer. The glitter is hardly distinguishable on the skin. I only needed one swipe of this for a subtle blush on my medium skin and it can definitely be used on all skintones as it can be very pigmented when built up. It has a matte finish and wore quite well during the day.

The eyeshadow compact in Dare to Bare* also features two shades, the first shade is quite a light beige which can look quite grey, and the second shade is a much deeper taupey grey.

The eyeshadow shades are phenomenal! They have such a iridescent, metallic finish that really makes them stand out. They are buttery smooth with intense pigmentation from one swipe. The colours transfer well onto the eyelids, staying true to shade with a bit of fallout, but that is to be expected with such pigmented products. I have a feeling that people will love these shades, they're great for a neutral eye or even just a single wash of colour over the eyelid.

Lastly, I tried out the lipstick in Sweet Tooth* which in the tube looks like quite a bright coral pink. It fits right in with the name too.

However, on my lips it seemed to become altogether a difference shade. It was quite a light mauvey pink, with an almost lilac undertone. It didn't work well with my medium skintone so I didn't try it out a lot. However, it had a very creamy formula that was easy to apply and it didn't bleed.

Overall, the eyeshadow compact and the deeper pink blush are my top picks from Smooch Cosmetics and they're great value considering the price (the website isn't up so I have attached amazon links instead).

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