Monday, 31 August 2015

Pound shop Haul #2

Following on from my previous Poundland Haul here, I am back with another instalment. I brought most of these products from Poundworld, Poundland and Poundstretcher (the rule of three(!)). I also brought them over the space of quite a few months, so no I didn't go in and clear the shelfs!

The majority of products I did pick up were lipsticks, so without further ado:

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks

300 Electric Plum is a very cool toned mauvey plum. It has a satin finish (without any shimmer) but it can still border on looking a little frosty. The formula, following suit with the Moisture Renew range, is very hydrating. However, I found it was more semi sheer than the rest of the line, rubbing my lips did get rid of some of the pigment. Overall, it's a decent formula for those getting into darker lipsticks but I think it would be more for those with a cool skin tone.

420 Burgundy Delight does what many other dark lipsticks fail to do; it is a true burgundy that doesn't border on being too red/purple. It has a satin finish that can look very glammed up. It also doesn't seem to have any strong cool/warm undertones and it's very pigmented. Be warned, this is not for the faint hearted! I wore Make Up Revolution's Rebel without Cause all last winter and I still found this to be a very strong lip. This does mean you have to put in the time to apply it precisely, or you will be able to tell if it's uneven. However, you can always mattify it or blot it to create more of a stain.  Overall, it's a great one for those of us who await Winter just so we can get out dark lippies out.
320 Funtime Fuchsia (not spelt fuschia surprisingly) is a coral medium pink. Again it has no noticeable undertones but due to it being slightly on the coral side it would look great on warmer skintones. It applies with a satin finish that almost looks like it has very fine shimmer specks, although there isn't any actual shimmer, which is very flattering! The formula is great too, as well as being hydrating it applies very smoothly so you don't need to be too perfect with the application. Overall, it's one of my favourites from the bunch.

Colour Show Off Lipstick
050 Have Fun is a mauvey pinky nude. It's one shade lighter than my natural lip colour, and it would have looked great (and would be a great option for the whole 90s trend) if it didn't have such a frosty looking finish! Blotting it does help somewhat but I would have preferred a more semi matte finish. It still has a very hydrating formula and is more on the semi sheer side again. This would be more suited for fair to medium skintones.

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick
I was very surprised to find the Kate Moss range in there! 02 (might have been renamed to 20) is a bright, bold pink. Its's slightly darker than a barbie pink, but much more flatering in my opinion! There aren't any strong undertones, so I think cool and warm skintones might like this. The formula is lovely, it's so smooth it just glides on. Plus it smells much better compared to the Moisture Renew range. The finish isn't completely satin nor matte, more like in the middle of the two. Overall, I really like this one.

Manhattan Lip Jelly
I was really glad I spotted the Manhattan lip jellys as I had a great experience with their lip creams, see here. However, these are nothing like the lip creams. First of all, they lack any pigment, they're tinted lip glosses at most. Even as lip glosses they're really not that great, the tint doesn't transfer well onto the lips and they look like clear lip glosses that would disappear as soon as you eat something. However, they're non sticky so if you are looking for affordable lip glosses you might like these.

54l is the pink shade, and 43H is the orange shade (not that you can tell).

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick
02 Sparkling Copper is a medium pinky/purple with a whole lot of shimmer! There's no avoiding it (!). Unfortunately, as flattering as it can look when you blot most of the shimmer off, it's still a bit too much for me.

Lip Swatches

I normally pick up the Garnier Dark Spot Correcting Illuminating Moisturiser for £10 at Superdrug, so when I saw it for £1 I had to pick up another one! The main reason I picked it up is because it has Vitamin C in it which is really good for your skin, and also what gives the formula that distinctive orange tint and orangey scent. I don't think it will get rid of dark spots on it's own but used in a skincare routine it can be effective. I also use it more as a serum as I find it very hydrating. It does last a long time but if you leave it open for too long (I'm talking months) the formula can start seperating.

I then picked up the Maybelline Colour Show Blush 'Em in 03 which is actually a pink duo (even though it's come up as orange). This was more of an impulsive buy I guess and it didn't exactly work out! It lacks decent pigment, I had to swipe several times just to get the swatches! The lighter shade is meant to be the highlighter shade but it was virtually undetectable. Rather than suggesting this to a beginner, you'd be better off getting something from MUA/MUR.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint

013 Berry Chrome is the most perfect pinky berry shade! I already have 4 of the Scandaleyes eyeshadow paints which I just love for their vibrant liquid to powder formulations, and when I spotted this shade I just had to have it as I love berry shades for Autumn (or anytime!). I used it for a pink/burgundy eyeshadow look I did a while back. I did have to apply a few layers to get the full opaqueness but it was worth it as the end result was stunning! I then applied a burgundy eyeshadow from the Sleek Oh So Special palette in the crease, and a Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in a pink shimmer shade in the centre of the eyelid.

Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick
011 Bluffing is an absolutely gorgeous taupey brown! It has a lovely iridescent finish that means you really don't need to spend ages blending eyeshadows together, this is an entire eye look in one pencil! It's very creamy and applies like a dream, it dries quickly so there's no transfer, yet it still retains that lovely finish. The formula is very pigmented and opaque. I know this is a lot of people's firm favourite so I'm really glad I got to try it out for the small sum of £1!

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
I love experimenting with gel eyeliners, and the blue shade just reminded me of my teenage years when I used to put heavy blue eyeliner on my top lid (I probably looked like a racoon!). Although blue eyeliners are supposed to look great with brown eyes so it's worth giving it a go anyway. 004 Deep Blue is a deep midnight blue, the formula seems to apply easily, although I would give it a minute to dry as it  can move around a bit. Most people might not like the brushes you get with gel eyeliners but I think this one is quite decent, plus it could be handy for travelling.

The Pencils

I picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 kisses stay on lip contouring pencil in 041 Coffee Bean. This is a very out there shade and is probably reminiscent of the 90's dark visible lip liner trend. It's a very dark brown with brick red undertones. On my medium skintone it comes up as a very dark vampy lip. However, applying it and then blending it out, and blotting it, actually gives off a nice berry nude. It would also work well as a matte winter lip or you can apply lip balm over it for a more natural lip colour. Rimmel lip liners are some of my favourites and this formula is also up there.

I then picked up the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 230 Deep Ocean. This is more of a bold, bright blue compared to the gel eyeliner. It's slightly more of a sea blue. This is the only pencil that is a twist up compared to the others that you sharpen. However, it's very creamy and easy to apply without having to press down too hard.

I don't think I can walk past anything that's called Burgundy and not pick it up! Thus the Rimmel Special Eyes Precision Eye Liner pencil in 140 Burgundy found it's way home with me. I don't need a burgundy eyeliner, what am I even going to do with it! But the shade is just lovely to look at! It's a very purpleish burgundy, however the formula is a bit tougher to work with so I have to swipe a few times to get a darker burgundy colour. It does look great on the eyes, it's quite an understated look. I did think I could use it as a lip liner but it was too tough and uneven.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Khajal

Now onto my favourite eyeliners ever! They're creamy, soft and the shades are fantastic, they're simply perfect! Small confession: I already owned the nude and brown which I got from Superdrug but I thought I would photograph them here anyway.

011 Golden is a vivid shimmery gold, it's a lovely shade that really stands out.

004 Taupe is a grey taupe that has more of a matte finish, it's a very unqiue shade.

005 Nude is one of my favourite beauty products. It's a creamy nude that really brightens up your waterline, it gets rid of any redness and makes your eyes look bigger! I wore it all summer.

003 Brown is a chocolatey brown with very fine gold specks that are undetectable unless you look really close. It's a lovely alternative to black eyeliner.

Nail Polishes

I had an inkling that Rimmel I♥Lasting Finish would become my favourite winter nail polish when I picked it up. 193 Black Cherries is a bold burgundy wine colour with a slight metallic finish that gives it a bit of shine. It did need 2 coats for opaqueness but the formula was easy to apply, the brush was wide enough to apply quickly and it dried quite fast too.

When I picked up Rimmel 60 Seconds in 622 Oh Boy You're so Fine I never thought pastel polishes would suit me, but this shade just proved me wrong. It's more of a medium pastel rather than those super light pastels, the shade is a very lilacy purple. The formula was probably the best, the Rimmel 60 seconds range is great enough to rival many pricier ones, it applied quickly and evenly in two coats and dried very fast too. It also has a lovely shiny finish. If you're apprehensive of pastel shades I would certainly give this one a go!

The Barry M Quick Dry Nail paint in 507 Stop the Clock was a free purchase with buying some products, but I thought I'd throw it in to show the offers you can take advantage of. It's more of a yellowy nude, again it didn't look so bad of my medium skintone. However, the formula was a bit harder to apply and it needed 2-3 coats. It could have just been this polish, as another polish I own from the same range is great.

The Collection Pink Strawberry Lip Balm was another free purchase when picking up my concealer (yay!). There were various other shades but this one was perhaps the most pigmented, it has a lovely subtle pink tint and it smells like strawberries. I also found it quite moisturising so it's not all gimmicky.

This was a very long post (it took me days to edit, and I had to wait to take pictures on my new set up) so congratulations if you read through all of it! The lipsticks were all from poundworld, as were the majority of the liners. The eyeshadow stick in bluffing and the pastel polish were from poundstretcher, and the rest of the liners were from poundland.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you picked up any great deals recently?

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Warwick Castle

Back in June I had time to do some sightseeing, and Warwick Castle was at the top of my list of places to visit. It's not everyday you get a taste of Royal life(!).

It's situated in Warwickshire and it's a short walk from Warwick train station, The original castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror but it's undergone many changes since.

We decided to get tickets for the Castle and grounds, as well as the dungeons. It's much cheaper to book online. However, we had 2 for 1 tickets (that I got on the back of some breakfast bars) and you can't use them online. The Dungeon tickets are also not included in the 2 for 1.

So on the day we paid £24.80 for castle tickets for 2, and £18 for Dungeon tickets (£9 each). Although I'm sure that was a lot more than the £5 quoted on their website.

We booked out Dungeon show for 11am, just after we arrived, and there were many slots still available. There were also plenty of school trips but fortunately they do them seperately!

When it was our turn to go into the Dungeons we were put into a group with 6-8 people, and we were led inside by some very medieval looking characters. Part of their role also involved yelling at us, which I must admit, I didn't find very necessary.

Ad you'd expect inside the dungeons it was completely pitch black, there was literally no way to tell where you were walking apart from feeling your way round. Someone in our party actually dropped but he was okay!

We were then led around to various rooms for the different shows. One was the family cook (also the surgeon) pretending to pull the insides out of a dummy, which I just found nauseating! There was also a torture room which I found quite explicit. Also bear in mind it's likely you will be called up to take part. I was asked to go to the front of the room but I didn't move because I didn't want to be tortured! He ended up picking someone else but in a later show I had to pretend to be beheaded! There was also a moment where we got lost in a corridor of mirrors and we ended up going round and round in circles.

Overall, I didn't enjoy it at all and I haven't the faintest idea of what prompted me to book tickets for it as I can't even sit through a horror movie!

Once the Dungeon show was over (fresh air never felt so good), we went over to the Great Hall for a tour. The tour was really interesting and we had a bit of entertainment too thanks to the tour guide and an elderly lady who were flirting! It was interesting seeing all the artefacts and how the grand rooms were used by the aristocratic families. It was a short tour and we then went upstairs on our own to explore.

Although the highlight of the day was the beautiful grounds! We were lucky enough to go on a really bright, sunny day so the views were incredible.

We did go to the Horrible Histories show which was quite boring frankly. Actually you could say the ducks stole the show! They all came over in the hope of getting some food, and the baby ducklings were adorable! We were sitting on the grass when I suddenly heard some movement behind me, and as I turned I came face to face with a peacock! I think it escaped from the peacock farm but it was an amazing experience to say the least. The peacock had a really long sweeping tail adorned with vivid patterns.

I then went for a walk around the mount where you can look down on the Castle grounds. I also went to the south facade of the Castle which joins with the River Avon, it's so tranquil and beautiful!

Lastly came the mammoth task of climbing all the stairs! We first went up the Bear and Clarence towers which are some of the shorter ones. This was just the practice for going up Guy's tower which was 250 steps each way! It's a long winding staircase with narrow steps, it's a one way system so you have to go all the way up to come down. The views of Warwickshire were worth it though, well not if you're scared of heights.

There were a few restaurants in the Castle but they weren't great, so we walked into the town which had a great deal more. The town itself is also quite quirky and fun to explore.

I really loved my trip to Warwick Castle (bar the dungeons) and I would really recommend it to anyone considering visiting.

Which attractions would you recommend?