Monday, 30 November 2015

Hair Accessories with Irresistible Me

Recently I was lucky enough to try out some hair accessories from Irresistible Me. Irresistible Me is a haircare brand focusing on hair extensions but I would say these hair accessories are the overlooked gems on the website (I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see just how beautiful they are!)

Their hair accessories include everything from hairbands, to hair clips, barrettes and hair chains. I received two hairbands, a hair comb and a barrette style clip to try.

The Giselle headband* (see here) is a lovely slim silver hairband decorated with pearls and an intricate diamonte detailing in a criss cross design. Even with the outstanding detail it still manages to look simple and elegant, this is quite a girly piece and looks amazing placed quite high up towards the crown. The bands slip into the hair so that you can only see the design, even with the metal sides it still feels lightweight and doesn't hurt my head. This is definitely a piece for a Summer boho look or an upcoming Christmas party.

The Isis headband* (see here) is more of a statement piece with an impressive flower detail completed with smaller rhinestones in the shape of flower clusters. This definitely looks very expensive and so would be perfect to add a bit of glamour to a wedding outfit. It looks very classic and would go with most hairstyles, if you have a fringe you can keep it on the same side to compliment it or put it on the opposite side (like I do) to balance it out a bit. The metal sides of these headband have a woven coil to provide a better grip I suppose, it is a bit more chunkier than the Giselle headband but that's due to the greater design.

The Hera Hair comb* (see here) has the most beautiful detailed design. My photos don't do it justice, but the level of individual effort that has gone into each leaf and flower, with the placement of several rhinestones, mustn't have only took ages but it must have been a tonne of hard work too! I've worn a similar hair comb once before at my Cousins wedding where I wore it on the side, although this one has such a great grip all I had to do was twirl a section of my hair and slide it in. The hair comb is still very light and the hair grips don't dig into my head at all.

The Sapphire Hair Barrette* (see here) is a gold barrette filled with teal coloured rhinestones in a flower design again. The colours are very vivid and this sparkles like nothing you've seen! The actual barrette itself is quite sturdy and has three different clasp layers so it would be suitable for thick and thin hair as you can adjust how much you want to tighten it by. I love this piece as it looks so elegant and would look great on everyone.

Overall, these hair pieces by Irresistible Me are all of the highest quality and so will be great for any party or special event. Currently they are selling for $10, about £6.65 each, and shipping from the US is $9.95. However, they did arrive very quickly and you get a tracking number to see where they are. The Sapphire Barrette is definitely my favourite out of the bunch and has changed my opinions on Barrettes as they were never something I would have gone for normally.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What hair accessories do you like wearing?

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

Stila In The Garden Palette Review
Coincidence or not but I recently did a post listing some of the beauty bargains that can be picked up online, and this Stila palette was included for £10 from TKMaxx. However, by the next morning it was already all sold out! I was even more gutted when a lot of people said they had seen it in their local TKMaxx, but the only thing in my TKMaxx was some smudged lipsticks. However, my luck all changed when I found two of these the following week. Again, they were both missing the eyeliner that was supposed to come with it (why do people do that) and so they were for £6, rather than the £7 they were being sold at. However, as silly as this might sound, I still wasn't sure about it as I had no idea what Stila's quality generally is concerning eyeshadows, and there's only so much you can learn by doing a quick swatch. I was wondering whether I would be better off trying a drugstore palette instead, like MUR, however I decided I might as well try it for blog purposes (the amount of times I've used that excuse already!).

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

I really struggled with finding a theme for this palette at first, according to the Stila website it's a garden inspired palette, and so I can see where they get the shades such as nectar, and the freesia pink and even the moss from. However, it's still one of those palettes that are quite diverse. It is personal preference but I think I quite like the range of shades as it's allowed me to try shades that I would never have picked up individually.

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

The first thing you notice about this palette, or any product for that matter, is the packaging. I'm afraid to say the packaging is a bit grim, it's a standard cardboard case that's prone to ripping (as you can see above) and breakage. It also picks up dust and fall out from the eyeshadows on the inside like there's no tomorrow! This palette is still available for £25 from Stila and other retailers and if I paid that much for it I would be a bit disappointed at the packaging. The outside of the packaging however is not as bad as the inside, it looks more sleeker and it has a magnetic close. The rear of the packaging also has the shade names listed again.

Stila In The Garden Palette Review


Chinois: A creamy off white that does look a bit powdery initially but blends in well.
Breeze: A lovely, iridiscent golden beige. This shade is very pigmented and by right too as it's stunning.
Bark: A shimmery taupe brown.
Nectar: A warm neutral beige with very slight golden flecks.
Honey: An iridiscent deep gold, borders on a slight burnt orange shade. A beautiful shade and highly pigmented again.
Sage: A metallic pale green.

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

Freesia: A metallic violet, with almost unnoticeable golden flecks. The pigmentation of this shade is slightly disappointing.
Rosette: A metallic purple pink. This eyeshadow is the least pigmented out of the bunch, which is a shade as it would have been a beautiful muted down mauvey purple.
Moss: A stunning deep olive green with golden flecks running through it (although it does come up as a deep brown in pictures). Very pigmented as well!
Juniper: A metallic electric green, very foresty and Autumnal. The pigmentation was also a bit disappointing however it really pops when you build it up.

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

Stila In The Garden Palette Review

Overall, this palette has a few shades which are a bit of a let down, such as Freesia and Rosette, they had the potential to be amazing but they were let down by the lack of pigment. However, the stand out shades in this palette, such as Breeze, Honey, Sage and Moss do not disappoint with the quality and I'm quite pleased with them. It's also worth noting that most shades have some aspects of shimmer, even if it isn't as noticeable with the metallic shades, I think Chinois is the only matte shade.

Out of these shades, I can see myself using the middle shades the most as they are the best in terms of quality and pigment. I don't think I'll get much use out of Chinois or Nectar as I find these shades can wash me out a bit, and they might be too powdering for an inner corner highlight. Freesia, Rosette and Juniper will probably be more wearable layered over a eyeshadow cream/liquid.

So is this palette worth it? At £6 yes I think you get some beautiful shades in there that look amazing as a lid colour, however at £25 there wouldn't be a chance of me recommending this palette as 4 out of the 10 shades just aren't up to scratch.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you tried any Stila Products?

Monday, 16 November 2015

Affordable Statement Necklaces

Now that it's absolutely freezing my get up in the last few weeks has been jumpers and more jumpers. Whilst I love the simplicity of jumpers, the ease of just throwing them on and not having to worry about layering up, I think you'll agree with me that sometimes they can look quite plain and in need of some sprucing up. Hence why I love throwing on a sparkly necklace at this time of the year! However, am I the only one who thinks that the prices on the high street, up to £20 for a necklace, are a bit excessive? I've seen quite a lot of similar necklaces on ebay for a lot cheaper, yet I was always dubious about whether the quality would be up to scratch. However, after trying these necklaces from Tmart I can assure you that cheaper doesn't always mean that the quality suffers!

The first necklace I tried is this lovely sky blue statement piece*, as seen here. It's not at all clunky or chunky as I thought it might possibly be. It's adorned with blue gems in a leaf/flower design, with the clear rhinestones adding some lovely detail. My pictures don't do the necklace justice, it's much more sparkly in real life. The build quality is also just as good as something you'll get from the high street, the jewels are clued down securely so there isn't much chance of them falling off. The individual clasps between the jewels also seem to be secured safely. The only negative I can think of is that the clasp cannot be adjusted much and the necklace does come up quite high on me.

The second option I tried is this more dainty crystal emerald necklace with golden detailing*, as seen here. The emerald gems on this necklace are exquisite, they have a really lovely shine! This necklace feels quite lightweight and I love the elegant look. This necklace wears a lot lower than than the first necklace but I think it suits the design more. As the previous necklace the clasp on this one can't be adjusted much either.

I thought I would also throw in a few pictures of the necklaces on (I actually had fun trying on my jumpers, they were so cosy!). I think the blue necklace goes well with all colours really, as the blue gems really stand out and provide a nice contrast. Although I especially love how it looked with the fluffy white jumper!

I think the green necklace goes well with paler shades, especially the camel coloured jumper, as the green gems provide a nice effect. I really like whole Autumnal vibe it gives off too.

Overall, I think these necklaces are absolutely lovely and I would really recommend you check out Tmart/Ebay for statement pieces before heading straight for the high street. The shipping wasn't too bad either, I think I received them within two weeks. However, I have noticed that the prices have increased on Tmart as they were around £3 when I last checked, so although they are still great value for money I hope that it's just a temporary increase.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What products would you recommend from Tmart/Ebay?

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Giveaway: Win a Lush Lip Scrub of your Choice + Beauty Goodies

I've been running my blog for over a year now, and whilst I started off posting very regularly this soon slipped into weeks or even months without a post when I was busy with exams or the like. In the last few months I've sort of got back into the rhythm and I aim to have around two posts a week. It's in this short period where I've feel like I've really been interacting with other bloggers, where I'm getting to know people better and I've really been enjoying having a look at all of your blogs. It also makes me really happy to see more interaction by way of comments, and I really do appreciate every single one!

So I decided I want to run a little Christmas giveaway for everyone who reads my blog, I'm very excited and nervous at the same time as it's my first ever giveaway! One of the prizes is the Lush Lip Scrub, in a flavour of your choice, as it can be a little saviour for this time of the year, the bubblegum flavour is absolutely yummy! Plus if you already have it then you might be interested in the Christmas version: Santa's Lip Scrub. If you have enough lip scrubs already then let me know and you can pick something out of the bath bombs range.

I will also be throwing in a few beauty goodies that I think you'll like.

The giveaway will be running on rafflecopter as below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions
1) Entrants must be 16 and over
2) The mandatory options are to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram.
3) UK only (as it's my first go so hopefully there will be international giveaways in the future).
4) Entries will be checked.
5) The giveaway will run for a month, from the 10th of November to the 10th of December.
6) I'll contact the winner through their email address and I hope to hear back within 3 days.
7) If you have any questions please feel free to email/tweet me :)

Lastly, thank you to everyone who's stuck around from the start (you know who you are!), and all the new readers who make my day!

I hope you enjoy this giveaway, and I would love it if you had any feedback on the type of posts you enjoy on my blog or on my blog design?


Friday, 6 November 2015

Michael Van Clarke Magic Oil Review

The Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Magic Oil was included in a goody bag I received last year at a bloggers event. At this point Moroccon oil was starting to take over the world (or that's how it felt anyway), and so I was intrigued by this finishing serum that claims to give you all the benefits of Moroccon oil, but without the damaging effects of silicone. From prior experiences I know how cheaper Moroccon oil-alikes can weight your hair down and leave it in desperate need of a clarifying shampoo, not fun!

The main areas this serum claims to target is frizz and dry hair, you can apply it to damp hair or dry hair, the latter of which I prefer to add some life back into my hair once it's been straightened. The oil is dispensed through a pipette (very posh!) which I spread across my palms and smooth it onto the mid section and ends of my hair.

 It comes out as a very lightweight yellowy oil, you can immediately notice a difference as some Moroccon oil-alikes feel very heavy and sticky in your palms but this feels like water. It absorbs very quickly into my hair, initially the slight sheen it gives my hair makes it looks very luscious and shiny! After a while or when I go out into the gale force winds of England (not looking forward to them this year!) the shine is toned down a bit, however the frizz controlling aspect is still there. I also find my straightened hair keeps it's style more or it doesn't look so puffy with this applied.

In the long term my ends are much better off with this, they don't look so dead. I love applying this to any finished hairstyle as I just believe it adds that bit of a wow factor, due to it not being heavy at all those with drier hair can also use it all over rather than just focusing on the ends.

Furthermore, the oil is part of a range called 3 more inches, which is probably targeted for those who want to make their hair grow longer. However, although my hair looks much healthier with this I can't say that it grew faster drastically, not that I would have noticed probably as my hair sometimes grows faster than Rapenzel's locks, not when I've had a bad haircut though mind!

Lastly, the packaging is very high end with the glass bottle and pippette dispenser, and thus it come with a high end price of £24.50. This is a bit on the pricey side but it did last me over a year (I had to take pictures of the empty bottle), and due to the great time I had using this it's probably one of the few high end products I would repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What oils do you swear by?

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Glamour Mag with Clinique Freebies December Out Now!

Glamour Clinique Freebies November/December 2015

I love the run up to Christmas; the joyful atmosphere, the gift sets and of course the annual pairing up of Clinique and Glamour to bring us some wonderful gifts free with glamour magazine for only £2. I recently subscribed for the Nails Inc offer (although I missed that one) to get 3 issues for £3, and so I was keenly awaiting this issue. I had no idea what the gifts were going to be but I can tell you I was not disappointed. I received a lipstick in Nude Pop through the post, and on my grocery shop yesterday I came across Cherry Pop. At first I was like do I really need another red, but I decided to go for it anyway and I am glad I did! (more to come on that soon)

Glamour Clinique Freebies November/December 2015

First of all, the four gifts available this year are the Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Cherry Pop, the Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Nude Pop, the Clinique High Impact mascara and the Clinique dramatically different moiturising lotion.

Whilst I haven't picked up the High Impact mascara this year yet (although there were plenty of them on the shelf but I resisted because I already have a huge backlog of mascaras), I would really recommend it as I got it last time they had it in the magazine and whilst it does seem like a small trial size it lasted me forever! It's also one of my favourite mascaras as it's great at lengthening and volumising, but it gives a really natural look. I still have the wand washed out somewhere to use with other mascara formulas.
Clinique glamour lipsticks cherry pop and nude pop

So the two products I picked up were the mini lipsticks: Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Cherry Pop and the Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Nude Pop. Whilst they're not tiny I'm going to for 'mini' as the packaging in quite small and the bullet is slightly slimmer than your average lipstick. However, I'm sure that they'll last just as long.

I absolutely adore the packaging (my photos don't do it justice), it's minimasltic but chic, definitely something I'd love to take out of my handbag (plus the size is a bonus when it comes to carrying them around with you). The packaging is split into two parts, the bottom is indicative of the shade and the top is a silver reflective lid with Clinique embossed on the side. The packaging looks quite high end to me, plus I love that it clicks into place reassuringly, as sometimes you don't get that with the more affordable lipsticks, but rest assured these will stay in tact in your bag.

Clinique glamour lipsticks cherry pop and nude pop

Clinique glamour lipsticks cherry pop and nude pop Freebies

Cherry Pop looks like a pillar box red in the tube, however when I swatched it came across as a very bright raspberry red, more cherry like the name suggests. The formula is very smooth and pigmented, opaque in one swatch. It's a shade that would suit all in my opinion. Recently I had gone off reds as the same shades that once worked for me now looked too harsh, however this lipstick has changed all that. I'm pretty sure this shade will fly off the shelf!

When I first got Nude Pop I wasn't too sure on it as I really cannot pull off nudes. The shade on my medium skintone (MAC NC30/Bourjois 54) is one shade lighter than my natural lip colour. At first it came up as a shimmery nude pink, with slight mauve undertones. I wasn't a fan of the shimmer but it died down to give a more satin finish, and the end shade was a more wearable pink. I think this shade is growing on me, it's a nude that doesn't scream nude at you, and I like the fact it's more subtle.

Clinique glamour lipsticks cherry pop and nude pop swatches

The formula of both lipsticks is creamy and moisturising, perfect for this time of the year, although I do think Cherry Red is the more pigmented out of the duo. There is some wear when eating, however these lipsticks won't stick to your dry patches and they are worth far more than the £2 price tag. Tip: The lipsticks also produce a lovely soft pinky red when worn together if Cherry Pop is too bright for you.
Clinique glamour lipsticks cherry pop and nude pop swatches

Overall, I would say run out and get these whilst you can! The products will also make great stocking fillers for any beauty fanatic.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Will you be picking up any of the products?

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