Friday, 22 December 2017

Essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection

I was really excited when I saw the Essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection*. At this festive time, I normally reach for the deep plums, but this collection had me trying something new. Inspired by jewels (all will become clear once you see the names of the nail varnishes!), this collection is perfect for brightening up this Winter Season and adding some glitz, which we could do with! Surprisingly, there was a lot of snowfall where I live recently, the view outside my window was a sea of white, grey and green. This rarely happens here, and we had a lot of fun running around the park and building snowmen! The point of this mini story, however, is that this collection is a great way to challenge the status quo, and try something new this Winter (and maybe rock those bold colours when you're building a snowman). There were a lot of Frozen references flying around that week haha!

Moving on, this collection features six shades. Two of the shades are a take on the traditional silver and gold (but wait until you see them!), then we have a bright red and a vivid pinky/purple, before the final two shades which include a tinsel green and a deep aubergine/burgundy (which is the only shade in the collection that I would say is more traditional).


Diamond in the Cuff 

Diamond in the Cuff is your classic ivory shade, but this one has a shimmery twist. The glitter particles are incredibly fine however, so it creates a really lovely, luminous effect, rather than a glittery or grainy finish. I did think the shade had a bit of a silver undertone, almost reminiscent of the pale silver tinsel you would find.

This shade does need two coats to be opaque, and I also found this one needed a bit more time to dry otherwise it went a bit sticky. I do think it looked quite nice on, although ivory isn't really my kind of shade as sometimes it can look a bit stark with my skintone, but the silver undertone helps.

Gold Gliding

I was the most excited for this shade! As soon as I saw it, I thought wow, that's a shade that I definitely don't own. It also looks a bit warm toned in the bottle, and my hands have more of a yellow undertone too, so I imagined it would look good. I was expecting a bronze gold as per the description, although I clearly didn't read it carefully because I missed the 'brushed with carnation pink'. No, if there was ever a rose gold nail polish, this was it! I just love the shade, again the shimmer is very fine so it looks very glitzy without looking like obvious glitter. It is definitely a glamorous shade, infact this is the one I paired with my Christmas party dress (which was a black, velvet knee length dress embellished with pearls if you were wondering - I LOVE it just as much).

Again, with this shade I went in with two coats just to be on the safe side. I did find that this performed really well compared with the rest of the collection, it dried much quicker and there were no signs of chipping and it lasted well. I might have had to go to my Xmas party in trainers because of the snow, but hey atleast my nails looked good!

Rue De La Ruby

Rue De La Ruby is described as a 'fiery red', however I was expecting a ruby red based on the shade name. In actual fact, however, I think this is definitely more of a raspberry red. It's one of those shades that just isn't really a red and isn't really a pink, so raspberry red it is. With one coat it does come up as a brighter red, but two coats deepens it to give it a slight maroon tone.

Looking back at the pictures now I actually think it looks quite nice on, but reds aren't normally my go to. This shade was a bit trickier than the others in terms of application. I felt that it took much longer to dry, and then when I finally did think it was dry, nope it just came clean off. I would give this shade a bit more drying time, but fans of oxblood shades might like this brighter take.

Graced in Garnet

Graced in Garnet is described as an 'aubergine purple' and I think that's a spot on description. I can't really improve on that, but it's slightly brighter than I was expecting. Again, this shade needs two coats to ensure it comes up as opaque. I did really like this shade though, although that might just be typical me, going for any shades that look slightly burgundy! It is a more refreshing option compared to my other Winter shades though, as I feel like it's a bit more eye catching.

Jade to Measure

Jade to Measure is described as a 'brilliant emerald green accented with sapphire blue'. To be honest, I cannot see any sapphire blue coming through, at all. I would simply describe this shade as a tinsel green. I don't mean it in a dismissive way, but if you wanted to see what kind of shade this is, just think about the classic green tinsel that you would spot around this time of the year. The shade applies opaque in nearly one coat really and again I didn't notice any chipping or peeling with this, so the formula is again one of the better ones out of the application. However, the shade just isn't for me, I can't pull it off, I find it much too bright and vivid. I do prefer the ivy green from the Leathers Collection (Back in the Saddle - see here) However, if standout shades are your thing, then Jade to Measure is for you!

Amethyst Noir

Finally, the deepest shade in the collection. Described as a 'vivid jet burgundy', again I would say this is spot on. It is an incredibly deep plum shade that applies near black, therefore one coat might be best for this shade (bonus it applies opaque in one coat too). The formula of this shade was again one of the better ones, it didn't take long to dry and was surprisingly one of the least messy shades! Again, no chipping with this one. However, as much as I like it, I don't think I can get away with a near black shade for everyday wear (it will look black from a distance), I'll get too many questions haha!

Overall, as I've mentioned in the last few Essie posts (see here and here) so I won't go into it too much detail, I love their brushes! They make the application much easier and they're the perfect size. As excited as I was with this collection, I think it has definitely encouraged me to try out some more shades and maybe get out of my Winter comfort zone a bit. Gold Gilding is my favourite shade out of the collection,. Just like most people, I'm a little obsessed with rose gold, it's kind of hard not to be! I wouldn't say there were any duds, but as I mentioned, Rue de la Ruby and Diamond in the Cuff do need a bit more time to dry and they were prone to flaking a bit. However, the other shades were fine in my opinion, and this was without a top coat.

You can pick up these Essie varnishes from Superdrug, Boots or Amazon. Gold Gliding is selling out fast, but it's still available on Superdrug here. (see here for Amazon Diamond in the Cuff, and here for Boots Rue de la Ruby).

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Which of these shades do you fancy?

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